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Commercial & Contract Law

For more than 10 years CasePro’s lawyers have been working as commercial and contract law experts and advisors serving banks and financial institutions as well as numerous local, foreign and cross-border commercial enterprises and large holding structures, whose subsidiaries operate in dozens of sectors and industries through public and non-public joint-stock and limited liability companies.

The extensive expertise and thorough experience of our team in terms of commercial and contract law enables us to offer flexible and effective legal solutions, tailored to the specific needs of our clients, while carefully protecting their legal interests when entering into or exiting contractual relations with their business partners.

We always apply professional diligence, novelty and promptness in approaching both the regular day-to-day business relations of our clients (in manufacture, distribution, sales, advertising, etc.), as well as the substantial one-off commercial transactions such as joint ventures, strategic alliances, project financing, development agreements, etc.

Our legal advisory service in the commercial and contract law sector is focused on:

  • Client support and participation in negotiations;
  • Full-range transactional legal assistance – the drafting and review of all types of commercial agreements and instruments, annexes and other contractual and related documents within the negotiation process and thereafter;
  • Preparation of legal opinions and the full package of contractual documentation on stepping into, execution, amendment or termination of contracts or contractual relations;
  • Review of signed agreements and advise on their execution;
  • Legal due diligence of debts and debt restructuring;
  • Legal due diligence of existing and future collaterals and securities;
  • Implementation of contractual liability or defence against the claims of an opposing party.
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