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Nowadays the EU finance sector faces a number of challenges, initiated on the one hand by expectations toward the industry in terms of providing the necessary liquidity to support the recovery processes of the struggling economies in Europe; while on the other hand, to meet the newly introduced higher risk requirements imposed by the EU (and particularly Basel III). In Bulgaria, after the boom of mortgage lending and project financing before the crisis, some financial institutions are trying to develop schemes of micro-crediting, which is where the potential for growth seems the largest. Today, the real challenge for both financial services providers and their clients is to determine which products and services will present the best opportunities for profit and growth, while navigating the complicated labyrinth of regulatory requirements.

We understand the regulatory pressure and constraints which face all market participants whose core business revolves around financing, lending, insuring or raising capital. The focus of CasePro's legal service in the sector of finance and banking is one of turning problems into opportunities. Our lawyers have advised on one of the largest mergers in the banking sector of Bulgaria.

Whether your business or institution is seeking legal counsel on dealing with micro-crediting or complex structured financing projects in banking and institutional lending, with financial markets, insurance and commercial lending sectors, or requires advice on complying with local or cross-jurisdictional regulatory requirements, our team offers a full complement of services to guide you through virtually every legal aspect of your investment initiative.

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