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Investment Law

CasePro provides legal services to companies and individuals looking to invest in Bulgaria. We are fully aware of the complex legal framework regulating the investment process that combines numerous international treaties, contracts between investors and states, customary international law as well as domestic legislation; all intertwined with the new standards of the European Union in the area of conducting foreign investments. Our lawyers also have in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the ever-evolving court and arbitral jurisprudence on investment disputes.

The CasePro team has experience in assisting the investors’ admission and establishment in the country, as well as further defending their rights and interests both before courts and arbitral tribunals. We help our clients in the process of setting up subsidiary companies, branches or representation offices, in the drafting and revision of investment contracts in compliance with the established international legal standards, and also assisting clients when facing issues on the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards and court decisions in their favour.

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