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Waste Management & Recycling

The waste management and recycling industry is governed by a complex legal framework which imposes numerous obligations on the participating companies and their clients, as well as on ordinary users and consumers. The participants engaged with the collection, transport, processing, disposal and recycling of waste are subject to strict licensing by the state authorities, in addition to regular sequential compliance and quality checks. The industry is bound by ecological and environmental factors and has a high social profile – especially with regard to the acute and ongoing problem of waste disposal in the capital.

The members of our team have an in-depth knowledge of the legal provisions regulating this sector. CasePro has conducted due diligence projects for the acquisition of waste recovery organisations, for organisations trading with waste from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and for organisations for the storage of waste. We are fully capable of providing qualified assistance with regard to the process for obtaining various licenses and assuring compliance with the requirements imposed by the Bulgarian Waste Management Act, the applicable local regulations, as well as the relevant EU legislation.

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